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Subject: Fan Male-My Str8 Teen ReaderI began writing erotic stories on Nifty a few years ago. I am now fifty-one
years old, and I am still very much into young straight and bi men. I am
very turned on by the idea of sucking a basically straight young guy, who is
only interested in getting off. My stories are usually about this subject. I
live in Brooklyn and I wrote a story about sucking off a young straight guy
that I met in my Brooklyn gym. About a year ago, I received a e-mail
commenting on that story.The subject was: "Your Gym Story""Was the story true? I am straight and in Brooklyn too. Do you want to suck
my cock? "I was trying to decide if this was real or a joke, when my thoughts were
interrupted by an instant message. It was from the same guy. He asked me if
I got his mail, and I said yes. He told me that he had just turned nude child model loli
that he was straight but liked to read stories about cock sucking, and he
wanted to experience getting a blow job from a guy. He had read my story, and
wanted me to do the same thing to him that I did to the kid in the story. He
wanted me to give him his first male blow job. I liked the idea very much.We described ourselves. I told him that I am six feet, one hundred eighty
pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, and forty-nine at the time. He told me that he
was eighteen, black, 5' 10," one hundred forty-five pounds. He went onto say
that he had a slim smooth body and a seven inch cock that needed a hot mouth
to give him a blow job. It was a Thursday night in January and I suggested
that we get together over the weekend, but he said that he couldn't wait, and
he wanted to come the next morning, on his way to school. I told him that I
left for work early, at seven thirty in the morning, but he said that he
would be here in time for me to suck him before I had to leave. I gave him my
phone number to try to work this out and he called me right away.His name was Chris and he had a very masculine young voice. He lives in a
different part of Brooklyn from me and I gave him subway directions, and told
him to call me from the phone booth when he got off the subway, and I would
meet him on the corner to bring him back to my apartment. After that he told
me how horny he was, and started to jerk his cock. I laid down and started
playing with myself as he talked. I was beginning to think that the kid just
wanted phone sex, but he cut the jerk off session short and said that he
would be here between six and six thirty in the morning. I had my doubts.I woke up at six and took a shower. While in the shower, I started to think
about Chris. I decided that he would probably not come over, but I did wonder
if he might. As I was getting dressed at about six thirty, my phone rang. It
was indeed Chris, and he was three blocks away from me. I told him that I
would on the corner in five minutes, and quickly finished getting dressed.I felt the familiar rush of adrenaline that I get, whenever I am about to
meet someone new, for a potential sexual encounter. It was a cold morning and
there was snow and slush on the ground. I saw him walking down the street
towards me and I figured that it was Chris. He was wearing a heavy winter
coat, and his head was wrapped in the fur lined hood of his coat. He was
wearing boots and carried a book bag. I liked the masculine confident strut
that the slim black teen exhibited, as he approached me. Even through his
heavy winter gear, I thought to myself, that he looks good. He reached the
corner where I was waiting and he said hi. We looked at each other for a
second and I asked if he wanted to come back with me. He said "Sure. But
let's walk fast, cause I'm freezing my ass off out here." He smiled and was
very cute.As we walked the few steps to my building, I asked him how he got up so early
to meet me now, and he told me that he didn't sleep all night. That boy was
anxious for his blow job. We entered my apartment. He took off his coat in
the living room and we entered my bedroom. I looked him over, and was very
happy. Chris was a very handsome, masculine young guy, who looked like an
athlete. He had a sexy, smooth face, with traces of a mustache coming in on
his upper lip. He had a silky black cap on his head, a flannel shirt, and
black baggy jeans with Timberland boots on his feet. He then sat on the edge
of my bed, while I remained standing. He looked in my eyes and I saw a
somewhat nervous young guy, but then he looked back at me, and motioned to
the floor in front of him, with a shrug of his head. I watched closely as his
mouth opened, and he said his first words since we entered my bedroom."Suck my cock."I liked Chris' take charge attitude and I sank down to my knees to the spot
on the carpet that he had just nodded to, between his legs. I put my hands on
the black cloth of his jeans and began to rub his thighs. I could not feel
much through the heavy fabric but kept moving my hands till I reached his
crotch and was surprised to feel that his cock was already hard, pushing out
against the fabric of his pants. I fumbled with his belt and the snap on his
jeans as I lowered them to his upper thighs. I could now see a huge bulge
under the cloth of his boxers. It was pointed up under his shirt and I
couldn't see how long it actually was yet, but I knew it was a very thick
piece of meat on this young skinny dude, and I couldn't wait to taste him. I
rubbed my hands on the bulge. I had to see his cock in the flesh. I lowered
his boxers and out popped one of the biggest cocks that I have ever seen.
This eighteen year old black kid was really well endowed. His cock must have
been eight and a half inches, bigger than he had told me, and was real thick
too with a big head.He had opened his flannel nude tiny lolita girls
shirt, but still had a white insulated undershirt
covering his slim torso. I quickly looked up at him before me. He was sitting
back with his hands behind him on the edge of the bed, with his jeans and
boxers at his knees with a huge pulsating cock in my face. I quickly brought
my face to the fat head and started to lick it. Chris gasped as I first took
his cock into my mouth. I used my tongue to play with the underside of his
shaft, while I took the first few inches into my mouth.I used my left hand to grasp his cock at the base while I sucked him at the
same time. His cock tasted really nice and I totally got into bobbing my head
up and down as Chris began to thrust his cock deeper into my mouth. All of
my efforts went into pleasing him and I was lost in a world of sucking Chris
off. He started to really get into it, and was pumping his big cock deep into
my mouth, until I began to choke on his meat. He then pulled out and rested
his cock on my face and said,"Suck my balls."I lowered his jeans and boxers to around his knees so I could have a better
angle to get at his balls. I noticed how smooth his legs and thighs were and
also saw that the melting snow was dripping off his boots onto my carpet, but
I didn't care right then. I was there to suck cock and please this dude. I
worked my tongue to his nuts. They were not large balls and I had best teen lolita sites
to put my
face all the way close to him to lick them. His crotch had a musky but lolita s nude photos
teen smell. I love to have my face in a guy's crotch. I licked at them and
tried to take his balls into my mouth, while his cock was pulsating above my
face. After a few minutes of ball licking, Chris pushed my face off him and
stood up, as I remained on my knees before him.He stood up and turned sideways so that he was now facing me. He lowered his
jeans and shorts further down, and I crawled over close to him. His big hard
cock was dripping with my saliva and his pre cum, and I wanted it back in my
mouth. He did too, because he grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock
further into my throat than before, and he really fucked my face. I was
choking and snot was running down my face, as this black, straight teen
athlete was fucking my face like he fucked his girl friend's pussy. I had no c
hoice, but to take his cock down my throat.
After a few minutes, Chris once again pulled out and again sat on the edge of
the bed. I followed on my knees and again swallowed his big dick. He
continued to use his hands on the back of my head and began ramming his dick
down my throat. I could feel his wiry black pubic hair pushing into my lips.
I heard him moan and felt the cock get thicker and show signs of releasing
his load. Then he pulled me tighter, grunted, and I felt the first blast of
teen cum shoot into my mouth, followed by another, and soon he was filling my
mouth with his spunk. It had a somewhat pungent taste, but I loved it and
swallowed it all. I kept nursing on his spent cock until every last drop of
cum was gone. I began to get up but stopped when Chris spoke."Stay down there. I like it when you are on your knees, with my dick in your
face. I need to cum again, and I want to try some stuff."I looked at the clock and saw that we had spent only fifteen minutes draining
his first load. I remained on the floor."Lick my balls again for a while."I obeyed and moved real close and took one at a time into my mouth and sucked
his balls till I felt his cock begin to expand again. I continued nuzzling
until I again heard him speak."I have another fantasy, I want you to help me with. I want to be rimmed."I looked up in surprise. I have done it on russian preteen lolitas naked
occasion, but it was not my
typical activity with a stranger, but he was lolita hard xxx pictures not to be denied."I showered and cleaned my ass for you before I came over."I said, "How did you know that I would do it?""Because I read your story, remember? That's how I knew."I did forget that he had read about my fantasies with young straight teens,
and he knew that I liked to service and please a kid like him in any way that
he wanted. Chris had apparently planned this part in advance, cause he went
on to tell me."I am going to stand so you can suck my cock again. But when I snap my
fingers, I will bend over and you will start licking my ass, okay?"I was turned on by his attitude and I meekly nodded my head in agreement.Chris did stand up and his cock was drooping down, not soft but not erect
either. I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck him as his dick began
to fill my mouth with hardening flesh. He was soon fully hard and back to his
aggressive method of fucking my face. I began to choke when he pulled out and
snapped his fingers. He then turned around and bent down to touch his toes
and I was presented with this eighteen year old boys smooth black ass cheeks.
He then used his hands to spread his cheeks and I could see the pucker of his
hole in the hairless crack of his ass."LICK," he said in a loud voice.I pushed my face into his ass and darted my tongue into the crack. He was
telling the truth that he was clean, and I began to get into the tangy taste
and smell of his crack. He spread his cheeks further lolita gang bang pics
apart and I place my
tongue right into his ass. He started to moan and I knew he loved my tongue
in his asshole. I kept darting my tongue in and out while he moaned and I
noticed that he was now jerking on his cock slowly while I kept up the tongue
action on his tight pucker. My face was buried up his ass. Then he pulled off
and I was still on the floor when he turned around and put his big hard cock
back into my mouth. I looked up at him and saw his eyes partially closed
while his face had an expression of determination as he thrust his cock deep
into my throat once again. I grabbed his ass with one hand and used my other
to try to explore his body. I rubbed his pubic hair and put my hand under his
shirt. I loved the feel of his hard six pack abs and reached further to touch
his smooth but well developed chest and his nipples. I don't think he wanted
that, as he again snapped his fingers and pulled off and once again non nude preteen lollitas assumed
the position for me to rim his huge cock lolicon hentai
hot lolita s nude photos sweaty ass.The exertion of fucking my face had caused him to sweat more, and his asshole
was more pungent and funky with his natural body scent. 15 lolita nude models I dove back in and
ate him out the way he loved. I went at it with a passion as I got saliva
from my mouth and worked my tongue up his hole and he wiggled and squirmed
and again began to jack off while I rimmed his teenage ass.Chris once again pulled his ass off my face and turned around. I started to
take his now dripping cock back into my mouth, but he put his arm up and
pushed my shoulder back as he kept jacking his big cock with his fist. I
thought he was teasing me before I could get back to sucking on his cock, but
I watched as he jerked on the now angry looking cock and his piss slit was
open real wide. I again tried to take it in my mouth, best teen lolita sites
but he pushed me back
and then he grunted as I saw a thick wad of cum shoot out of the piss slit
and land on my chin. I glanced down and felt another shot on my nose and my
left eye. I stuck out my tongue and tried to lick up the shot from my chin
and he kept stroking and shooting his load all over my face, my hair and my
chest. I had never been 15 lolita nude models covered with so much cum. My face and shirt were wet.
I knew I would have to clean up and change before work.Chris looked down at me and kind of smirked, He finished jerking off and took
his right hand that had some cum on it and used it to grab a glob off my
cheek and then smiled and put his cum covered fingers up to my mouth."LICK BITCH"I looked up. He was smiling but I knew he was serious and I opened my mouth
and took the cum off of his fingers. He pulled back, looked at his now clean
hand and smiled at me as he started to pull his pants back up and tuck his
cock back in.He got up and walked into the living room. He put on his coat and picked up
his book bag and looked back at me, now standing but still covered in his
load. He smiled a big smile and said as he walked to the door,"Guess you don't need breakfast now. Better than cocoa puffs, huh?"And with that he was out my door.Any comments are welcome to
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